Founded in 1984, is located in Yangzhou City, Baoying County Liu Baozhen industrial area, the predecessor of the collective enterprise "Baoying County electrical insulation material factory", covers an area of 21467 square meters, construction area of 7817 square meters. In 1991, the company began with the original mechanical and electrical industry Guilin Institute of Electrical Science and Technology to develop "polyimide 

Polyimida FilmMore>>

  • 6051 polyimide film
  • 6052 polyimide film
  • Die cut polyimide film

Functional polyimide film seriesMore>>

  • FH polyimide film
  • FHF double-sided polyimide film
  • Kapton CR

Polyphenylene sulfide film seriesMore>>

  • Flow Ting polyphenylene sulfide film
  • Double polyphenylene sulfide film

Mica epoxy phenolic laminateMore>>

  • Mica products
  • Epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth product
  • Polymer insulation board

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